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Memorable, Beautiful, Elegant – Form vs Function

Think of any truly beautiful thing, think of an iPhone or a Farrari for instance, what’s so special about them – they are just a phone and a car after all, aren’t they?

The question in my mind is what comes first? Form or Function? What is that secret sauce that makes something truly beautiful, truly memorable, truly elegant.

In my mind the magic is an item that has a needed function to perform being able to be deliver in a beautiful way – first and foremost (just) a thing must have a function it must fill a need.

At its core the Farrari is just a thing to get us from one place to another (all-be-it quickly) and an iPhone is just an item to make phone call on and be online with when you’re on the go. But both these items have been such a success, Why?

So to put the technically spin on this, you may have a website that either looks really nice and is “on brand” or you may have a very functional site packed full of tools but you can’t figure out why people aren’t flocking to it, or if they do come you can’t work out why they aren’t staying longer. – if you’re in this situation consider for a moment:

The sweet spot lives in providing functions your customers actually need, not just what you think they need, but doing this in memorable, beautiful and elegant ways – that’s what makes some web sites truly special.


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